We believe that we humans are born to get our hands dirty, that exploration and construction are inherent aspects of our nature, and that we are tethered to each other through an interconnected web that requires live and in person tending.

For quite some time, the dream of building a place where people could reconnect with their human nature lived only in our hearts. Then, in a whirlwind weekend that included a trek to the top of Mount Shasta and a birthday party gone wrong, or should we say right, the sequence of serendipity was set into motion. The next thing we knew, we stood still together staring at a raw stretch of land in Baja that made our souls sing.

Over the last few months we’ve worked on stolen time. We’ve tackled projects on long weekends and fallen a little more in love with each footprint in the dirt. We’ve come to realize that we are hoping to build more than just a Retreat or Event Center that empowers self actualized individuals, but that we are creating a model for practical, artistic, sustainable building and land management that it can’t help but be replicated.

Suddenly, however, things are moving more quickly. Exceptional people have offered their expertise, their generosity, and their services. Curiosity has spiked and well, it’s happening. It’s time for us to put our beliefs and values into action, and share the joy of hard work, accept the help, and let other people join us in our purpose of building something beautiful, powerful, healing, and prosperous as hell. We know that the more successful this endeavor the more likely that this style of sustainable construction, agriculture, and entrepreneurship will be perpetuated into the future.

Welcome. We humans were born to build. Join us.

Present and Future Rancho La Pila Projects for humans who want to live, work, help, love, grow, evolve, heal, learn, build, entrepreneur:

  • Alternative Retreat Getaway Options offering connection with nature, animals, and other like-minded individuals, including but not limited to: yoga and meditation retreats and training, horse-back adventures, surfing, hiking, climbing, farming and gardening.
  • Holistic Ranch Management
  • Animal Husbandry & Therapy
  • Horse Retirement
  • Permaculture & Sustainability Educational Programming
  • Local Events & Community Contribution
  • Honey Bee Sanctuary 
  • Net Positive Construction
  • Broadened Network of Ecotourist Location in US & Mex